Christian or Goody to Shoes

Sometimes I wonder about the answer to this question myself. Being a Christian, I feel that we all are Created equal. In God’s eyes none of us are any better or worse than the one next to us. There are however those that claim to be Christians that will look down on others because they come from a rich family, have a better education, and so on. I’m here to tell you that’s not the Christian way. Christians are to be One Family under God. Just because someone looks, dresses, talks, or even smells a little funny, don’t give Christians the right to judge. God said Judgement is His. I’m saying all of this because I want people to know that not all Christians and Churches are not the same.


Just a few days ago I got a phone call form a young man asking me if I was a member of such and such Church. I was at one time and know plenty of their members. I told the young man that I could give him a phone number to call. The young man began telling me how he had been going to this Church and he was being evicted from where he was staying, he had to sell his truck and lost his job. I felt really bad for the young man. I told him that I wold pray for him and his situation. I gave him the number to the member of the Church. Did I mention that it was going to snow later that evening and the temperatures were unseasonably cold for South Carolina this time of year. We’ll I went on about my business, thinking all is well. About six hours later the young man calls me back and ask if I have talked to anyone. You see he did call and speak with the individual about his situation. Hmm. I said no I had not. Long story short, I got in my Jeep in the snow to go pickup this young man because the Church that he had been attending would not send anyone and they had given him the run around. Real Christian like. On the way to pickup this young man I prayed to God that this act of kindness would save this young man from leaving the Church all together. I could tell just talking with him that he was young in the spirit as well as years. What a shame to loose a young person over something like this. Once we met, he was very thankful and offered to pay me. I would not let him do that. I got him situated for the night with a local shelter. The next day he asked if I could take him to meet his girlfriend’s mother to pick him up. I was helping my wife with her work and was not sure if I would be able to. Once again I made some calls and got the same response, so I took care of him again. I told him that God has a plan for him and to not get discouraged. I dropped him off, shook his hand, told him I would pray for him and check on him tomorrow. I did as I promised and I told him to find a Church and to surround himself with Christians that could give him the strength that he needs right now..I later found out why he had been treated this way….It had been rumored that the girl he and his father were living with was involved with drugs, had been/ is under investigation for her husbands death, SLED had raided the home looking for drugs. At this point I just said wait, aren’t those the people we as Christians are supposed to reach out to? I mean the Apostle Paul was not sent to Club Med to look for sinner’s. He was sent to places were sinners lived. This is the problem with a lot of Church’s and  Christians.  Some not ALL think they can sit in their pew’s and just pray the World to Salvation. While it is great to have those Prayer Warriors going at it, the rest of us Christians need to get outside and talk to people and invite them to Church. We don’t have to go far perhaps just to the house next door. Now don’t go thinking I’m being judgemental, I’m not, just calling it like I see it. And I want people to know that not ALL Churches and Christians are the same. With that being said, if you are in a Church where the Holy Spirit is not showing up during service, you may want to look for a new Church.

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