What Christians Are Thinking

I was thinking today about a conversation that I had with my daughter a few weeks ago. She is nineteen and in collage. I wanted to get her view on how she felt in Church. What she told me was heartbreaking. I asked her how she felt about the elders in the Church? Her response was that she felt ignored, belittled, and unimportant. This seems to be the trend in most Churches according to a survey that I found in a book that I was reading. I wanted to dig deeper into this trend to see what I could find. I found that the majority of millennial’s leave the Church because of the view the Church hold’s on homosexuality. Churches that stands against homosexuality tend to have less young people in the pew’s.

In 2014, pewfourm.org conducted a study to measure where the Church in on many views. This is the results when asked about homosexuality:

Views about homosexuality among Christians    Now, keep in mind this is not just millennial’s chiming in, this is a survey of 25,000 plus people. But, as you can see the view is that homosexuality should be accepted. I’m sorry folks but if you are in a Church that teaches it’s okay to be gay, you’re in big trouble. The Bible and God are clear on this subject. If you don’t believe me ask the people of Sodom and Gomorrah when you get to Hell.

Now, let’s look at this question.Views about same-sex marriage among ChristiansWhat? It’s okay to be gay, you just can’t be married. Is it just me or can these people not make up their minds? I really dislike double standards. Anyway, the thing here is, we have to find away to reach the youth or the Church is going to die. I think it’s okay to lighten up and treat young people with respect and love. As times change, so must the Church. Just so long as the changes do not change the Biblical Standard set by God.

You can view the full survey @ this link:   http://www.pewforum.org/religious-landscape-study/christians/christian/

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