How God Moves


How many of you have ever had to move or relocate? It’s a daunting task to say the least. It’s not just the packing and unpacking that gets me. I always find myself asking this question, where did all this stuff come from? It’s like everything that you have ever lost in your life returns the moment the word move is spoken. Let’s not forget the utilities that must be turned off and turned on at your new home. The best thing that can happen is for everything to make the move safely and not get damaged or broken in the process.

All of this started me to thinking of Moses. I could not imagine the courage, will, determination, and pain that it took to move the entire nation of Israel out of Egypt. If we look deeper we will find that God started preparing Moses as a baby. Moses’ mother put him in a basket and floated it up the river to the one person she knew that would keep Moses safe, Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses grew up living as an Egyptian. He dressed, ate, thought, was educated just like all the Egyptians. Moses was like a second son to Pharaoh. Moses spent forty years living with the Egyptians. When it was finally revealed to Moses about his true heritage, everything started to change for Moses. He was now starting to sympathize with the Israelite’s. His feelings came to a culmination one day when a guard began to beat a slave in front of him. Moses became so enraged that he struck the guard and killed him. By killing the guard, Moses had no choice but to flee. Now, Moses would be a wanted man, never mind his status, murder was punishable by death no matter who you were.

One would not think it but God had Moses right where He wanted him. Moses was about to start the next training session for God’s plan. Moses needed to learn patience, and what a better way to learn than by spending the next forty years herding sheep in the wilderness. Moses met a man named Jethro, who just happened to have a single daughter, Zipporah. Moses and Zipporah were married and they had two sons, Gershom and Eliezer. By now, Moses is probably thinking to himself, this is the life for me. Moses was finally ready for God to use him; he was now eighty years old and wise beyond his years. He just needed a push to get started. That push came one night on Mt. Sinai. God revealed Himself to Moses in the form of a burning bush. That very night God instructed Moses to go back to Egypt, with very specific instructions for Pharaoh.  Moses was to instruct Pharaoh to Let God’s People Go!


God also told Moses that His words would fall on deaf ears and Pharaoh would harden his heart. God would begin to send plagues to punish the Egyptians. Ten total and the last would be the plague that would take the lives of every first-born male. God instructed the Israelite’s to mark their door with the blood of a lamb and the angle of death would Passover them. After this final plague Pharaoh told Moses to take Gods people and leave Egypt.

Moses lead the Israelite’s across the Red Sea and into the wilderness. For the next forty years God provided everything for His people. God gave them laws, food, clothing, water and shelter. All their needs were meet but they were seldom satisfied. God moved the people of Israel around until the first generation died out, it was now the people were ready to claim the lad that God had promised.  During this time Moses was tested beyond what any man could stand. It was Moses’ own anger that kept him from entering the promised land. God showed the land of Canaan to Moses and when he died God took Moses’ body.


We easily forget how simple our lives really are when we compare the task of moving from one location to the next. Moses’ didn’t have Two Men and a Truck. He did however have something better, God and a plan that could not fail. If we will just give it to God and keep our eyes on Him, we will be ok!

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